YMAGIS to be part of the following indexes: CAC Small, CAC Mid & Small and CAC All-Tradable

6 March 2014

YMAGIS (ISIN: FR0011471291, mnemonic: MAGIS), the specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, announces that the Paris NYSE Euronext Indices Committee, which met on 5 March 2014, took the decision to include the stock YMAGIS within the CAC Small, CAC Mid & Small and CAC All-Tradable indexes.

The decision to include companies within these indexes is made according to stock liquidity and market capitalization. CAC All-Tradable, former SBF 250, includes stocks with a free float capital rotation rate per year of at least 20%

The decision will be effective from Monday 24 March 2014

Jean Mizrahi, CEO of YMAGIS, said: « We are pleased that YMAGIS joins these three NYSE Euronext indexes. It underlines the strong improvement of our liquidity less than a year after our IPO. This inclusion will raise our profile towards major European stock exchanges and help investors to have better access to our capital.”