Ymagis, Already Leader In France And Germany, Is Strengthening Its Presence In Spain

1 October 2013

Signature with 2 Spanish theater circuits for the digital conversion of 121 new screens

YMAGIS (ISIN : FR0011471291, mnemonic: MAGIS), the specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, has announced the signature of two new digital conversion contracts in Spain with the theater circuits Artesiete and Unión Cine Ciudad (UCC) for a total of 121 screens.

The agreement signed with Artesiete gives YMAGIS the digital conversion of 28 screens deployed over 4 theaters in total. The deal with UCC entails the digital conversion of 93 screens in 9 theaters. These two agreements do not, in any way, preclude future extension to others sites in these groups.

With these two contracts, YMAGIS becomes the partner of two Spanish networks for the digital conversion of their screens. The deployment of all these screens will be achieved in the upcoming weeks, with the goal of completing digital conversion before the end of 2013.

This further progress reinforces YMAGIS’s position among the leading players in the Spanish market, with 840 signed screens, of which 482 are already installed to date.