dcinex integration up and running

26 November 2014

YMAGIS (ISIN: FR0011471291, Mnemo: MAGIS), the specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, has announced significant progress in the integration of dcinex.

The first synergies from the merger of YMAGIS and dcinex came about immediately, including the optimisation of the two groups' purchasing and logistics policies and of their ongoing expenses (insurance, telecoms, etc.)

The YMAGIS and dcinex teams in charge of the integration have identified many other synergies.

In Germany, where both YMAGIS and dcinex have both separately developed businesses of significant size in Exhibitor Services and Content Services, the Group has decided to rationalize and optimize its activities:

  • Regarding the Content Services, the digital laboratory production (post production, duplication/delivery of digital copies), based up to now both in Berlin and Tübingen, will be from January 2015 onwards concentrated in a single location, in Berlin YMAGIS lab;
  • As for the Exhibitor Services, operated by YMAGIS from Rartingen and by dcinex from Düsseldorf, they have already been regrouped in Düsseldorf.

The Group has also decided, in order to be more efficient and cost effective, to use and develop only one logistic platform out the three developed separately by dcinex, YMAGIS and SmartJog for its digital copy duplication and delivery business. Also, the SAP-based information system developed by dcinex for its Exhinitor Services arm will be from now on spread over the whole Group.

All these improvements, some of them effective right now, will deliver immediate or from 2015 onwards savings.