BIRTH OF SMARTJOG-YMAGIS LOGISTICS: Creation of the first European integrated player in digital content delivery for the cinema industry

2 December 2013

YMAGIS (ISIN: FR0011471291, mnemonic: MAGIS), the specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, has announced the operational deployment of SMARTJOG-YMAGIS Logistics, a new company created by SMARTJOG and YMAGIS.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of SMARTJOG-YMAGIS Logistics on November 30, 2013, approved all the contributions of both partners with regards to the duplication and delivery of digital content dedicated to cinema.

The new entity, owned 60% and 40% respectively by YMAGIS and SMARTJOG, will be consolidated by YMAGIS through global integration starting December 1st, 2013.


Together, YMAGIS and SMARTJOG give birth to the European leader in this sector, offering the cinema industry a global logistics service for the delivery of movies, trailers, commercials, alternative contents, as well as static or dynamic posters to theaters and laboratories. Its services also cover the preparation of encrypted digital movies’ copies (DCP) and of keys enabling their projection (KDM), in addition to their delivery to cinema screens and laboratories, via satellite, ADSL/fiber or physical media.

In 2013, YMAGIS and SMARTJOG together already ensured the delivery of more than 50 000 movie DCPs and of nearly 300 000 trailer and commercial DCPs across Europe.

The constituted structure represents a cumulated pro forma revenue of around 7 M€ in 2013, a growth of more than 14% compared with 2012.


SMARTJOG-YMAGIS Logistics relies upon a team of 25 people coming from YMAGIS and SMARTJOG. The new team is now based in YMAGIS offices in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, and will provide a unique and integrated solution to the exhibitors and distributors in Europe, including to the Major studios.

The preferred relationships developed by YMAGIS with the distributors and the exhibitors and the special position held by SMARTJOG in Europe in e-delivery services constitute a solid base for the new entity to lean on.

Armed with a communication network linking together more than 1 800 theaters in Europe and representing nearly 8 000 screens, SMARTJOG-YMAGIS Logistics expects significant growth in its installed theaters starting in 2014, firstly in western Europe, then in Eastern Europe.


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